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Host familes

Have you ever wanted to host a college baseball player for the summer while they are trying to reach their goal of becoming a professional baseball player? The Silver Knights are currently seeking families in the Greater Nashua community who would be willing to open up their home to a college baseball player. In return for hosting a player, your family will recieve 4 season tickets per player that you host. (If your family is larger than 4, we will accomodate more season tickets.) 

Hosting a player gives you an up close and personal experience of what the day in the life is like of a baseball player looking to make it to the MLB. The relationships and connections you develop with your summer long guest will certainly last a life time! If you have young children in the home, the player is sure to act as a role model for your children. 

Host Family Responsibilities

Host families will provide a bed.  They will also provide bedding and linens (sheets, towels and blanket). 

Host families are not responsible to provide accommodations for a player’s friends or family.  

Host families are not expected to provide transportation for any player’s family or friends (either local or to airports). 

Host families are not allowed to house any player discharged from the team. 

Because we have so many local players, we are only in need of a few host families, so if you are interested inquire sooner than later.

The following are frequently asked questions by families looking to host players.

  • What must I provide for the player(s) I host?

At the very least, families are required to supply players with a room, a regular bed, access to laundry and access to the kitchen. Providing the players with food and access to the Internet is not mandatory but encouraged. 

  • Am I expected to provide my boarder with transportation?

No. Several of the players will drive their own cars, and for those who don’t drive, the team will arrange transportation for them. 

  • How long will the players require housing?

Players are arriving on or around June 1, and the season will span until the second week of August.  

  • Can I host more than one player?

Yes! Those that would like to host multiple players are invited to do so. 

  • Under what guidelines will the players abide?

The athletes are expected to follow and respect each family’s rules, whether it’s a curfew, cleanliness standards or assigned chores. Summer baseball is like a “road test” for what it’s like to be in the majors. It is stressed that they are being judged not just on athletic performance but the positive image they put forth.

  • What is a player’s daily itinerary like?

They will play an approximate 56-game regular season schedule; those that qualify will participate in the playoffs. Weekday home games begin at 7 p.m, weekend games will most likely begin at 5 or 6pm. On their off-days, which will be few, they may work a part-time job. They’re also invited to work at the Silver Knights baseball camps for kids, speak to groups on behalf of the Silver Knights and participate in local charity work, such as hospital visits or Habitat for Humanity.

  • Am I required to attend the games?

No. Many of the host families will receive season tickets, but it is not required by any means. 

  • Can I choose which player I board?

We will work to accommodate you as best we can.

  • Who can I contact if I’m interested in hosting a player?

You may call 603 718 8883, you can also email [email protected] or fill out the form on the contact us page.

If you have a question that is not listed above, feel free to contact us at the number or email listed above.