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Luxury Suites

luxury suites

The Silver Knights have seven luxury boxes above the pressbox at Holman Stadium. Our six main luxury suites include 15 seats but can fit up to 24 of your friends, family, coworkers or clients. Our center suite is larger and includes 25 tickets but can fit 35-40 people. Enjoy the game while our wait staff provides you with food and beverage. You deserve the best view of the park! Great for staff parties, entertaining potential clients, birthdays, or any event!


Weekdays (Sunday-Wednesday) $175

        - Center suite on weekdays - $325 (Comes with 25 tickets and can fit 35-40 people)

Weekends (Thursday-Saturday) $325

        - Center suite on weekends - $450 (Comes with 25 tickets and can fit 35-40 people)


     - All suites include complimentary popcorn, soda, and water

    - Regular suite includes 15 tickets, additional tickets can be purchased for $5 each. Center suite includes 25 tickets with   additional tickets being $5 each.

*food and alcoholic beverage not included

We can provide you with any food item that you want, you would just need to let us know one week in advance so we can order and prepare it properly. 

Want earlier access to the suites on gameday for meetings or just to have more fun? Not a problem! The Silver Knights can accomodate your needs to make sure your night in our suite is a productive and memorable experience!


To book your suite or for further information you can call us at 603-718-8883 

or you can email Cheryl McCardell at

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